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Inc., in its identification of the “100 Women Building America's Most Innovative and Ambitious Businesses,” has named Lisa Sedlar, CEO of Portland, Oregon-based Green Zebra Grocery, to the list.

Green Zebra, as the story says, is “named after an heirloom tomato” and “was built to make healthy food accessible and convenient for everybody. There are three Green Zebras in Portland - a fourth opens this fall - and Sedlar is about to close a $10 million Series B funding round as she explores potential locations in Seattle, L.A., and the Bay Area.”

You can check out the whole list here.
KC's View:
Congrats to Lisa, who has become a friend over the years as I’ve watched Green Zebra’s development. I’ve also become a regular customer of its store on the campus of Portland State University during my summer adjunctivities, and I’m not the only person who thinks the format is one definition of what Retail Tomorrow looks like.