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Food & Wine has a story about how McDonald’s tested what it called a “Better McDonald’s” store in Germany for 10 days last June, but the approach had more to do with accoutrements than the food.

“The Better McDonald's Store was completely plastic-free,” the story says, “which allowed the company to test out some alternatives to single-use plastics and to receive customer feedback on each of those items. In addition to paper straws, wooden cutlery, and grass-paper burger cartons, condiments and dipping sauces were served in edible waffle cups, and Chicken McNuggets were handed out in paper bags instead of cardboard cartons.”

While the format does not appear to have been tested yet in the US, Food & Wine says that “Canadian versions of the Better McDonald's Store are being tested in Ontario and British Columbia.”

The story notes that this wasn’t McDonald’s first flirtation with sustainability initiatives: “Earlier this year, McDonald's replaced the plastic straws in its U.K. locations with paper straws, and they weren't exactly well-received: more than 53,000 people have signed a petition asking McDonald's to bring back the plastic … After customers complained that the straws disintegrated in sodas and milkshakes, the company attempted to improve them — but that caused an even bigger headache, because the new-and-improved versions can't currently be recycled.”
KC's View:
Well, maybe not completely plastics-free. They do have the same food…