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by Kevin Coupe

I'm just glad MNB didn't make this list.

Morning Consult has the results of a survey that sought to determine the most polarizing and divisive brands in the US - that is, the brands about which opinions skew one way or the other politically.

Of the top 15, 12 of them are media brands - in declining order, CNN, Fox News, the New York Times, NBC, MSNBC, FOX, ABC News, the Washington Post, CBS News, Fox Business, Fox Nation, and CNBC.

Of the 15 most divisive brands, in fact, only three weren't media brands:

Nike, which came in at number 15, probably as a result of its Colin Kaepernick campaign.

Gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson, which was number 12. No explanation needed.

And, no surprise, coming in at number one as the nation's most divisive brand - Trump Hotels.

Morning Consult says that the results are similar to those from last year's survey … except more so.

All of which is an Eye-Opener.
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