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Benzinga has a story about a presentation made by Amazon's Prime Air president, Gur Kimchi, to "an audience of clean technology and environmental policy experts" in which he explained the company's drone delivery strategy.

"We are very comfortable that the economics of this business are great," he said, adding, "It is the safest and most environmentally responsible and also highly scalable."

Possibly because of the audience he was addressing, Kimchi framed his message in terms of its environmental advantages, saying, "We know customers love Prime, but we know we have to implement it in a responsible manner … "Every package delivered by a drone is a package not delivered by a car. It's a net positive."

But, it wasn't just about the environmental advantages, Benzinga writes: "Despite the nod to the potential planetary benefits, Kimchi devoted much of his 50-minute talk to  safety, a top priority for autonomous vehicle companies seeking to allay consumer fears about self-driving vehicle technology – on the ground and in the sky … Kimchi said two key metrics are continuously evaluated after the drone is released – is the airspace safe, allowing the delivery to continue, and is the ground safe to approach."
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