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by Kevin Coupe

The Associated Press this morning reports that St. Louis-based Schnuck Markets, believing that its job is to nourish people's lives, has decided that it will no longer sell cigarettes, chewing tobacco and other tobacco products in any of its 115 stores.

The ban goes into effect on January 1.

Schnuck already does not carry e-cigarettes or vaping products.

According to the story, the company "said removing tobacco is part of a broader effort to focus on wellness and promote healthier choices for customers. Other efforts include a partnership with workout centers to encourage physical activity and the launch of a program that teaches life skills and health habits to children. The store’s app also allows customers to view nutritional information."

Schnucks Chairman/CEO Todd Schnuck explained the move this way: "Tobacco products are certainly a profitable part of our business, but our company’s mission is to nourish people’s livest. Tobacco products directly contradict our core mission and that means that they simply don’t belong in our stores.”

I have nothing to add to that. It is the best kind of Eye-Opener.
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