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Crain's New York Business reports that the once-iconic food retailer Dean & DeLuca continues its devolution, closing the SoHo flagship store that helped to introduce "Americans to international delicacies more than four decades ago."

According to the story, a sign on the door says that the closing is temporary. " While the lights were on, and shelves and containers and espresso machines were still in place, there was mostly no food or products."

Dean & DeLuca’s Bangkok-based owner, Pace Development Corp., which bought Dean & DeLuca for $140 million in 2014, was not commenting on the closure. Not only has Dean & DeLuca been closing stores, but it also has fallen beyond on its payments to suppliers, which has created enormous in-stock problems for the stores, which have fallen back on selling traditional, mainstream grocery products in some of them instead of the gourmet, specialty food items for which it is known. However, reports are that Dean & DeLuca stores outside the US remain a more robust presence.
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