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The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports on new research from the Silent Spring Institute saying that people who eat home-cooked meals "had significantly lower levels of PFAS in their bodies, while those who ate more fast food and at restaurants had higher levels of it."

And PFAS, FYI, are NG.

Here's how the story explains them:

"PFAS are a class of chemicals used in nonstick, stain-resistant and waterproof products, such as cookware and food packaging. The chemicals have been linked to an array of health issues like cancer, thyroid disease, low birth rate and decreased fertility."

Restaurant and especially fast food tend to be prepared or contained in cookware and containers that are high in PFAS, the study maintains, which accounts for the fact home-cooked meals are healthier. The Silent Spring analysis is blunt: "The general conclusion here is the less contact your food has with food packaging, the lower your exposures to PFAS and other harmful chemicals."
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