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• Walmart Canada yesterday announced that it is "expanding its official partnership with Cornershop, growing its offering from five to 14 stores in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
Cornershop is an express delivery service that customers can use to order groceries on-demand in as quick as 60-minutes, and its popularity and convenience influenced Walmart's decision to expand the partnership … Through the Cornershop app and website, users can order groceries for delivery.

"Cornershop's trained shoppers then go to one of the 14 participating Walmart stores in the GTA to pick out quality groceries. They call every customer at the end of each shop, and customers can approve any replacements or request another item to be added to the cart. Cornershop has a high availability for on-demand time slots, and customers can subscribe to Cornershop Pop for $99/year to get free delivery on every order over $40 and steeper discounts."
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