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From the Washington Post:

"Leading health organizations recently released their first consensus recommendations about what young children should be drinking: only breast milk or, if necessary, infant formula until a baby is 6 months old, with water introduced around then and plain cow’s milk at around their first birthday.

"That’s it. No juice, no flavored or plant-based milks, no caffeinated beverages or sodas.

"The good news is parents of infants seem to be on the right track — breast-feeding is on the rise. But once children get into the toddler zone, it’s pandemonium.

"There’s been a boom in unhealthy foods and beverages for children 6 months to 3 years old, packaged for convenience and often promising to make children stronger and smarter … Parents are demanding convenient, on-the-go packaging. Industry’s lust for market share has driven advertising aimed at parents of toddlers. And there’s been little nutritional guidance for new parents, who glean what they can from parenting chat rooms, family lore and pediatricians, many of whom had only a single class on nutrition during medical school."

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