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9 to 5 Mac reports that Walmart is enabling its online customers to use voice ordering capability via Apple's Siri function in iOS.

According to the story, "The new Siri Shortcut from Walmart is designed for the retailer’s Online Grocery Pickup and Delivery services. This means you can gradually add items to your shopping cart using Siri throughout the week, then place your order for pickup or delivery when you’re ready."

Walmart describes it as being "a little like magic," and operable via an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, HomePod or in the car with CarPlay.
KC's View:
While Apple's Siri offering clearly is in third-place among similar services, taking a back seat to both Amazon's and Google's systems, this remains a smart thing to do, especially since it seems unlikely I'd be able to order from Walmart via Amazon's Alexa.

I happen to think that the CarPlay element has the potential to be the most important here. I don't have it on my car - the Mustang is too old and doesn't have a screen or backup camera, which I miss more than I might've expected - but I use it a lot in rentals, and find it to be enormously helpful. I can easily imagine building a list while in the car and then placing an online order, and then be able to spin by a store and then pick it up.