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CNN reports that Amazon is rebranding its PillPack offering - which presorts prescriptions for patients by day and time, making it easier for people to take multiple medicines appropriately - by adding "Amazon Pharmacy" to its name.

The story notes that "the pharmaceutical industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and Amazon competitors Walmart, Costco and Target all have in-store pharmacies. Amazon, which has physical stores in select cities and also owns Whole Foods, doesn’t currently have in-store pharmacies." But, PillPack "has pharmacy licenses in all 50 US states" and "has been exploring other avenues for expansion into healthcare beyond the reported $753 million it paid for PillPack."
KC's View:
A savvy move, I think. One of the criticisms of Amazon's private label efforts is that there are so many of them that it is hard to know which ones qualify and which ones don't. If it is going to make a major healthcare play - and the betting is that Amazon wants to be a major disruptor in that arena - then rebranding PillPack this way makes a lot of sense.