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by Kevin Coupe

We're coming up on the end-of-year holiday shopping season, which means lots of themed advertising designed to get people to spend money.

In the UK, that long has meant an ad from retailer John Lewis, and this year it means a combined ad from John Lewis and Waitrose - the company made the decision to combine the two brands in the advertising. Advertising Age writes that the idea was "to combine the themes combine the idea of 'thoughtful gifting' (John Lewis) and 'thoughtful hosting' (Waitrose)."

As usual, it is delightful … with elements of "Game of Thrones," with a bit of How To Train Your Dragon and maybe even a little Frozen thrown in … as it talks about friendship and compassion and "being accepting of each other's differences." Above left is the 2:30 version, which will be mined for shorter, more specific ads throughout the holidays.

All of which seems appropriate for the holidays, if more of an Eye-Opener than it should be.


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