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There is a new television commercial that is worth watching,. because it is totally on-trend in terms of being both self-aware and for multiple brands.

And, it features Ryan Reynolds, always a hoot.

The ad starts out being an ad for the new Samsung’s QLED TV … but also as an ad for his new movie, 6 Underground. But then it shifts into being an ad for Aviation gin - a brand in which Reynolds has an ownership stake. He explains to a director that he "bought mid-roll ad placement" for Aviation … and then the commercial sort of segues into being an ad for Netflix, the streaming platform on which 6 Underground will run.

Confusing? Actually, not really … because the staging, writing and Reynold's delivery all make it work, and in fact all the brands end up being more memorable than they might've been in stand-alone commercials.

Which may be a lesson all by itself.

You can check it out above left.


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