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Bloomberg has a story about how and why retailers are embracing automation - driven in no small measure by Amazon's aggressive technological moves.

An excerpt:

"It’s enough to make old-school grocers adopt the fetal position and brace for the retail apocalypse. They aren’t, of course. Animated by the threat and mindful that Amazon remains a tiny player in the $900 billion U.S. grocery market, they’re rushing to out-innovate the Seattle leviathan before it’s too late.

"The advancements - being tested by everyone from mighty Walmart Inc. to small regional chains - include shelf-scanning robots, dynamic pricing software, smart carts, mobile-checkout systems and automated mini-warehouses in the back of stores. While shoppers should expect to see more technology in their local store, the innovations are less about dazzling customers and more about improving day-to-day operations and solving some of the thorniest problems facing food retailers today.":

Great piece … and you can read it here.
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