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Good story from Fast Company about how there seems to be evidence that the "supposed generational conflict between millennials and baby boomers" may be subsiding.

The story says that Morning Consult’s new list of the “fastest-growing brands of 2019" shows that "younger consumers are increasingly warming up to some legacy brands popularized by their older counterparts, who, in turn, are developing a taste for more and more brands that were once the exclusive domain of the young.

"That’s right: Millennials and baby boomers are discovering each other’s favorite lifestyle choices—because sometimes we become the thing we hate."

You can read the story here.

BTW … The 10 fastest growing brands are, in order: DoorDash, White Claw, Postmates, Impossible (the fake meat company), Venmo, Kind, Ring, Cash App, Purple, and Amazon Prime.

You can see the full Morning Consult report here.
KC's View:
I find it sobering that I only use two of the top 10 brands - Amazon Prime and Ring.

Not sure if this makes me personally autonomous and individual in my tastes and preferences. Or just out of touch.