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Wegmans seems to have suffered a rare misstep at the Blue Dalia Restaurant & Tequila Bar that it has been operating in its store at the Natick, Massachusetts, Mall … the retailer has confirmed that it has been shuttered.

The Framingham Source reports that a spokesperson said that "despite the success of our Natick store, Blue Dalia did not consistently meet our projections.  The reason, in large part, was that it competed with our own in-store restaurant food options, like the Burger Bar, Sushi, Pizza and much more,”

The store's website still is pitching the Blue Dalia: "Blue Dalia is a vibrant Mexican restaurant and tequila bar led by renowned Chef Roberto Santibañez as Culinary Director. Located on the second floor of Wegmans at Natick Mall, our restaurant embodies the best of contemporary Mexican cuisine, with market-fresh food and authentic flavors paired with truly welcoming hospitality.

"Inspired by Chef Roberto's hometown of Mexico City, our regional menu combines traditional family recipes, seasonal ingredients, and a modern sensibility to create soulful dishes that tell a story. Our bar program offers an extensive tequila collection and craft cocktails. We bring the vibrancy of Mexico's 31 states to life through festive design and authentic touches."
KC's View:
No mas.

As I said, a rare misstep. Count on Wegmans to move quickly to fill in the blank space in a way that builds on its strengths.