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From Fast Company:

"'Healthcare is the biggest business in the world, and it is phenomenally broken,' says Peter Diamandis, cofounder of the X-Prize, Singularity University, and Health Longevity Inc. 'So, do I think Apple and Google and Amazon can do a better job? A thousandfold'.

"In his upcoming book, The Future Is Faster Than You Think, which will hit bookshelves in late January 2020, Diamandis makes the case for why he believes big tech companies are going to be running healthcare by 2030. In December, he came to Fast Company’s offices to make the case for why Big Tech is the doctor of the future.

"'We’re going to see Apple and Amazon and Google and all the data-driven companies that are in our homes right now become our healthcare providers,' he says, referring to smart speakers such as Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s HomePod. While many of these home voice assistants started with simple tasks like restocking home pantries and surfacing cooking tutorials, they’re already starting to move into the business of managing family well-being."

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