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Business Insider reports that Andy Dunn, the founder of Bonobos who went over to Walmart as senior vice president of digital consumer brands when the giant retailer bought his company in 2017 for $310 million, is leaving the company.

According to the story, "Dunn announced his departure in a public LinkedIn note titled 'A Love Letter to Walmart' on Thursday, in which the executive praised Walmart for the 'enormous power of a culture built with a singular focus: the customer.' According to the post, his last day with Walmart will be early next year. 

"'I learned a lot more about retail transformation in the digital age at the world's biggest company,' Dunn wrote in the note. 'With my departure, that incubator will now be plugged directly into the Walmart mothership'."

"It's a testament to what kind of company Walmart is that I entered thinking mostly about what I could offer, and ended up being the one who received so much," Dunn added. "When it comes to making the world a better place, the world's largest company is, 57 years later, just getting started. It's a credit to the remarkable teamwork of 2.4 million of the hardest working people on planet Earth, all working together."
KC's View:
Bonobos was part of a spending spree that Walmart went on, looking for acquire e-commerce businesses that could bring greater diversity to its portfolio. One gathers that this has not been an entirely successful strategy … and I wonder if this is a precursor to Bonobos being sold not too far down the road.