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Reuters reports that JAB Holding, the investment group that owns both Peets Coffee and Jacobs Douwe Egberts, said yesterday that "it would merge the two into a single coffee and tea company which it would seek to list on the stock market in an initial public share offering (IPO).

"JAB Holding said in a statement the newly-formed company JDE Peet’s, which also owns the Pickwick, Senseo, Tassimo and L’OR brands, will have operations in 140 countries and combined annual revenue of 7 billion euros."

• The Washington Post reports this morning that "a new paper in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health this week found that the Coca-Cola Company’s public relations goals included trying to shift teens’ sense of the health impacts of drinking sugary soda … The paper, produced by Australia’s Deakin University and U.S. Right to Know, a nonprofit consumer and public health group, includes another Coca-Cola document, a request for proposal for a campaign called 'Movement Is Happiness.' Its public relations goals included 'to increase Coke brand health scores with teens' and to 'cement credibility in the health and well-being space'."

Critics say that Coke is targeting a "vulnerable population" and that it is being disingenuous in its promotion of exercise, when all it really wants to do is sell more soft drinks.

According to the story, "Kent Landers, vice president of public affairs and communications at the Coca-Cola Company, says these internal documents predate Coke’s 2016 commitment to discontinue funding physical activity programs. He says Coca-Cola has repositioned itself as a 'total beverage company' with products that include water, juice, juice drinks, tea, coffee, sports drinks and energy drinks as well as sodas."
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