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The Associated Press reports that Sears is selling its DieHard car battery brand, which has been identified with the retailer since its creation in 1967, as it tries to raise cash that can be applied to its survival efforts.

Advance Auto Parts is buying the DieHard brand for $200 million.

According to the story, "Sears will still be able to sell DieHard goods in its stores. And it will still be able to create products for the brand as long as they are not auto-related, like the DieHard boots it currently sells. Advance Auto Parts said it will sell DieHard auto batteries in its more than 4,800 stores and plans to expand it into batteries for other types of vehicles."
KC's View:
Now, go figure, Sears actually is selling auto parts off for parts.

Sears once had 4,000 stores. It now has something like 200, and the number is expected to dwindle even more. Think of it as a cautionary tale for every retailer.