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WROC-TV News reports that Wegmans has decided to "remove single-use plastic grocery bags from all its New York state stores starting Monday, January 27." The goal, the company says, is "to shift all customers to reusable bags."

The move comes ahead of a New York State ban on the bags that goes into effect on March 1.

The story says that "at stores where the county or municipality choose not to institute a 5-cent fee for paper bags, Wegmans will charge 5 cent per bag. The amount collected will be donated to the local food bank in each region."
KC's View:
I know there are naysayers on this, but I continue to believe that in the long run it makes sense for us all to move to reusable bags. It isn't that hard a habit to create, and it feels good not to be contributing more stuff to landfills.