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Bloomberg has a story about how a Netherlands company is reviving the concept of the milkman, "but with a modern flourish.

Picnic BV, the story says, "has a concept dubbed 'Milkman 2.0' to deliver groceries using electric vehicles, focusing on less food waste and fewer food miles traveled. The company buys and delivers locally, with its vans going no faster that 50 kilometers per hour … Picnic has unleashed a fleet of 1,000 electric vans on to the streets of the Netherlands and Germany and plans to add 'hundreds more' by the end of 2020. The company says the delivery vehicle it has designed and produced is fully electric and 'has no small particle emissions and prevents traffic due to its slim design'."
KC's View:
I have to say that I like this idea more than autonomous vehicles, in part because it seems to be more immediately attainable. But there's something else…

The thing I remember best about the milkman - and I am old enough to remember that metal box that sat on our back porch, magically being filled on a regular basis with bottles of milk and cream being delivered and empties being taken away (sustainability!) - is that he tended to have a relationship with the households that he served … there were connections being forged that went beyond the simple product.

That's something sustainable worth aiming for.