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Taco Bell announced a 2020 commitment to, according to Fast Company, "convert all consumer-facing packaging - that’s anything the customer comes into contact with when they order food, like the wraps around tacos or the physical box that holds the $5 Cravings Box items - to be either reusable, recyclable, or compostable at all locations across the globe within the next five years."

The story says that "the company will install recycling and composting bins in restaurants where local infrastructure permits (not every municipality supports those waste streams), and the new packaging materials will also be free of PFAS, phthalates, and BPA - chemicals abundant in food packaging that have been associated with negative health effects like cancer, thyroid disease, and low birth weight."

The company doesn't have it all figured out - yet.

"Missy Schaaphok, Taco Bell’s global nutrition and sustainability manager, says the brand is still figuring out exactly what that new packaging will be. 'We want to ensure that convenience and functionality are very top of mind when it comes to our packaging,' she says. 'Sure, the look and feel might change - especially if we move away from black plastic, for example, with our power bowls, to something else that might be fiber based. That will be a dramatic change, but we want to ensure that the . . . customers have the same experience, but with the sustainability aspects in mind'."
KC's View:
For me, the problem always has been that Taco Bell food tastes like cardboard packaging, albeit packaging that is slathered with cheese and sauce.