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CNBC reports that CVS has committed to opening 12 HealthHUB installations a week, which will give it 600 by the end of the year, with a goal of having 1,500 by the end of 2021.

The company had 50 at the end of 2019.

"We’re seeing increased traffic in the stores, we’re seeing higher front-store margins and we are seeing terrific utilization of the health-related services,” CEO Larry Merlo tells CNBC, adding, "We’re really excited about what we’re seeing from the consumers. The acceptance, the interest that is growing with our clients."

CNBC writes that "Boston, Dallas-Fort Worth, North Carolina and Ohio are among the next markets that CVS is targeting for its HealthHUB expansion this year. With its HealthHUBs, CVS wants to offer more health services and products to customers, which is tailored around the company’s $70 billion acquisition of Aetna. Florida, Maryland and Virginia are also on the list to carry the new concept in the first half of 2020."
KC's View:
This goes back to something that I've long said here - that the successful retailers will be more than just a source of product, but will develop a reputation for being a resource for the shopper. That's what CVS is doing here, which makes competitive sense at a time when both Walmart and Amazon are building up their street cred in the healthcare/self care segment.