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Reuters reports that Amazon founder/CEO Jeff Bezos has committed $1 billion to help small businesses in India online, "reaching out to some of his fiercest critics in a goodwill visit that saw him donning traditional Indian attire and fly a kite with children … Amazon said it will setup digital centers in 100 Indian cities and villages to help businesses get online to sell their goods and will offer support in marketing and logistics.

"The investment of $1 billion will help bring more than 10 million Indian businesses online and enable exports of India-made goods worth $10 billion by 2025, it added."

Both Amazon and Walmart have faced intense criticism in India, with allegations that they have violated "Indian law with deep discounts" and discriminated "against small sellers by promoting select big ones. The companies deny the allegations."

This week, those criticisms turned into an official antitrust probe launched by the Indian government.
KC's View:
I wonder how different the world of e-commerce in the US would be if at some point Bezos and Amazon had spent $1 billion to help smaller competitors here to get online. Pretty different, I'm guessing.