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The BBC reports that Walmart-owned Asda Group has launched a new sustainability initiative, with plans to open a new "sustainability store" in May that will test new ways to reduce the company's environmental impact, especially by cutting down on plastic packaging.

According to the story, "The store will house a 'naked florist' selling plastic-free bouquets, and will also sell loose produce such as cucumbers or mushrooms without any plastic packaging. In addition, the branch will have a 'reverse vending machine' for recycling plastic bottles."

The BBC says that each test will last a minimum of three months so that Asda can evaluate success and failure.

The company "recently committed to reducing plastic by 15% by February next year, as well as making all of its own brand packaging fully recyclable by 2025," the story notes.
KC's View:
This stuff may cost money up front, and I'm not entirely sure that three months is enough time to evaluate some initiatives. But in the end, these are not so much expenses as investments, and will end up being good for companies in the long run.