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The Los Angeles Times has a story about salad-centric fast food chain Sweetgreen's efforts to deal with the issue of waste:

"Since 2010, in-store signs have assured diners 'Nothing from inside Sweetgreen goes to the landfill.' But for most of the time since, that hasn’t been entirely true. In many of the company’s biggest markets, municipal composting was and is nonexistent. Even where it was available, composters often refused to handle bioplastics, forcing the company to come up with its own solutions, of sometimes dubious efficacy."

In addition, Sweetgreen has found that not everyone is being completely honest about their claims - there are plenty of red flags out there:

"Its executives acknowledge how hard it can be to live up to its ideals, particularly when it comes to garbage. The fragmented nature of waste management systems, the dearth of facilities that process bioplastics and the many tradeoffs around price and sustainability have made it difficult at times for Sweetgreen to match its rhetoric, or even know when it was failing to."

You can read the entire story here.
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