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USA Today reports that Payless Shoe Source, which has been in bankruptcy and closed its last US stores during the summer of 2019, has its eye on a revival.

According to the story, the company "announced in a news release Thursday that it has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the second time. The footwear company says it will have a focus on international markets and wants to reinvigorate its largest business unit, Latin America.

"Payless, which is still selling some of its shoes on, says it will also relaunch its U.S. e-commerce site and open some physical stores in the U.S."
KC's View:
The CEO, Jared Margolis, is quoted in the story as saying that the company wants to "leverage Payless’ existing infrastructure" in a way that will allow it "to be nimble, innovative, and to fast-track our biggest growth opportunity: The United States."

To which I would respond: Wishing won't make it so. There's a reason that you've been in bankruptcy twice, and I'm guessing it isn't because of an exceptional infrastructure, a nimble culture, and a compelling vision of the future.

I think about those things, and I think about Zappos. Not Payless Shoe Source.