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Axios reports that more than a dozen trade associations have "launched a coalition to help craft federal policy that would 'fundamentally reimagine the U.S. recycling system' … The coalition includes some prominent K Street players and hopes to create 'consistent rules and practices' around what's now a crazy-quilt of recycling systems nationwide."

Among the trade associations involved in the group are the American Beverage Association (ABA), Consumer Brands Association (CBA), Food Marketing Institute (FMI), National Retail Federation (NRF), the Ocean Conservancy, and the Recycling Partnership.

Meghan Stasz, CBA's vice president for packaging and sustainability, tells Axios that "the coalition is planning a series of 'regional roundtables.' The eventual goal is a major policy push in 2021."

"We don’t want to start with too narrow of an idea of what the final outcome would be. What we do know is that we want it to be national in scope," she says.
KC's View:
If the goal of this coalition is to bring order and common sense to the national recycling patchwork, that is a good idea.

But if it is to play a game of CYA … and spend money fighting localities looking to do something about a growing problem without actually coming up with a solution … well, we're going to have a problem.