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Terry Jones, one of the founders of Monty Python, has passed away.  He was 77, and had been suffering from dementia.

The <i>Hollywood reporter</i> this morning writes:  "Although rarely receiving the same acclaim as Monty Python's other members, Jones also was widely regarded within the group as its underrated but passionate heart, known for his good-natured enthusiasm and a deep well of intelligence across a broad range of subjects … Among his most famous performances in the series was as an inept, bumbling cardinal in the Spanish Inquisition (seen wearing a leather WWI pilot's hat and goggles); a member of the Hell's Grannies, a marauding group of old women terrorizing the streets of London; an overly apologetic French waiter in a sketch involving a dirty fork; a Yorkshireman who had to 'get up out of the shoebox in the middle of the night and lick the road clean with our tongues;' and as a nude piano player with an erratic face in scenes often used to break up sketches."

Jones co-directed (with Terry Gilliam) <i>Monty Python and Holy Grail</i>, and was the sole director of two other Python films, <i>The Life of Brian</i> and <i>The Meaning of Life</i>.  And, he directed numerous films and television shows and wrote children's books, screenplays and non-fiction books.