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• In Rochester, New York, the Democrat and Chronicle reports that an updated Wegmans website and mobile application seem to be creating some consternation among Wegmans' shoppers, who are a notably passionate and loyal bunch.

According to the story, "regular users’ comments on Twitter, the Apple App Store and Google Play paint a picture of exasperation, about everything from how the digital coupon-clipping feature works to saved shopping lists disappearing to the checkbox tap zone being too small. One person tweeted that a search for 'Brillo pads' brought up results for menstrual pads.

"'Uh oh! Looks like we've got some tweaking to do!' the chain tweeted in response."

Wegmans is doing the promised tweaking, and has the advantage of knowing that it has established enduring relationships with its shoppers - as long as it is responsive to their concerns and addresses the issues that shoppers are raising, everything will be okay. One Wegmans said that "this is a starting line, not the finish line. We’ll keep listening." And that is about as smart an approach to these things as I can imagine.
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