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Yesterday MNB had a story about the Food Marketing Institute's rebranding and refocus as FMI - The Food Industry Association, which it said reflected "its strategy to more broadly represent the food marketplace and embrace a more interconnected supply chain. FMI views retail as the heart of the food industry and recently expanded its membership in response to retailers’ needs, helping them facilitate access and connectivity with suppliers and other business partners."

FMI also unveiled a new logo, which you can see at left.

I offered a "gentle" commentary about the logo:

The new logo has the initials "FMI" surrounded by three green curved lines … but the lines are disconnected. If it had been me - and I don't know much about graphic design - I might've wanted them to connect in some way, to visually illustrate the goal … that FMI wants to serve as the connective tissue between various stakeholders in the food business. Which it does, if I understand the purpose of the rebranding.

But, as I say, I don't know much about graphic design.

Well, Heather Garlich, FMI's vice president for Media and PR, agreed with my assessment of my own abilities:

Thanks for covering us in your blog today. Since you expressed interest in the graphical representation of our logo, I thought I would follow up:
The rings represent the three pillars of our strategic plan: advocate, educate and collaborate. These areas are intentionally not touching, as they suggest motion and convergence of community around FMI as the Food Industry Association. Related, the term “Food Industry” is intentionally inclusive of participants up and down the value chain, including suppliers, technology and service providers, wholesalers, retailers, and the end consumer themselves, and speaks to our industry-wide impact.
If MorningNewsBeat is up for design work, I’ve got a guy for you!

Points taken.

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