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Yesterday I recounted how an MNB reader, on a cruise and needing a pocket square to dress up his blazer, asked his wife if he could borrow a pair of her panties … and when she asked him where he'd learned that trick, he replied, "MorningNewsBeat."

This surprised me, because I didn't remember offering any such advice … but I did a little research and discovered that Michael Sansolo, in a column five years ago about finding innovative solutions, wrote about as friend of his who figured out that "Victoria’s Secret seamless silk panties are the perfect solution" when you need a pocket square. "No matter how they are folded or stuffed into his jacket pocket, they always create the perfect look. And the choice in colors is staggering."

As I said yesterday, go figure. MNB ventured into GQ territory, and apparently it stuck.

One MNB reader responded:

That is absolutely the funniest thing that has ever appeared in MNB!

From another:

Congrats to Sansolo – but I really want to send kudos to the gent who remembered that and pulled it off!

MNB reader Bob McGehee wrote:

In the early 80’s, I saw Frank Abagnale (check forger extraordinaire and author of and subject of movie “Catch Me If You Can”) end his talk with the warning that “Things are not always as they seem”.  He then pulled from his suit coat pocket the aforementioned ladies panties.  Everything old is new again.

In Abagnale's case, of course, he probably said they were from Victoria's Secret, but they were just a knock-off.
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