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Great piece from Bloomberg, filed from the Patagonia region of South America, where, on the Los Condores ranch - a place described as vast, treeless, with vistas of the snow-capped Andes' and "star-studded, bone-chilling nights" - there is an experiment taking place.

They've planted grape vines.  "One row is all chardonnay, the next riesling and the next pinot noir — 150 vines in all."

There's no reason to think that they can grow wine in such an inhospitable place.  But the owners are making a bet, albeit a "bold" and "ominous" one - that the "wicked effects of global warming" will eventually mean that "a world-class vineyard can flourish here."

And in this case, "eventually" means perhaps as long as 50 years.

In a world where short-term plans and profits often seem to be all that matter, this is a piece really worth reading, if only for a sense of perspective.  You can read it here.