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from Kevin Coupe, MNB's "Content Guy"

If you didn't happen to read Friday's Eye-Opener, or didn't see the email I sent to all of our subscribers yesterday, then you're looking at MNB this morning and saying, Something looks different.


A quick recap…. (You can skip to the Monday Eye-Opener if you've already read this.)

I'm pleased to announce that MorningNewsBeat has taken on a partner with a significant investment from Accelerate, which describes itself as offering retailers and brands turnkey solutions ranging from Direct Store Delivery (DSD) to Direct to Consumer (DTC) fulfillment, and everything in between.

The folks at Accelerate have recognized that, to use a phrase that we often use on MNB, it is critical to be not just a source of product, but also act as a resource.  And I am thrilled that as they build out their platform, they want to use MNB as a foundation.

The Accelerate team tells me that this is because they see real, tangible value in the way MNB has approached the marketplace for the past 18 years - my goal always has been to illuminate, provoke, and entertain with highly readable prose, disruptive opinion, and an irreverent sense of humor.  They don't want to mess with that.  Not at all.

So what does this mean for you as the reader, and me as the writer of most things on MNB?

I can tell you with enormous confidence that in terms of content and attitude, it means very little.  But in terms of delivery, I think it will mean a lot - for one thing, the MNB website now is going to be dynamic for mobile, which readers have told me is a high priority for them.  And, Accelerate is going to be able to provide the kinds of resources that I think will only expand our ability to cover the business climate and communicate in a multitude  of ways, including more video and podcasts, and who knows what else as technology evolves.  (Me, I'm counting on coming to you via hologram before I'm done.)

I hope that you like the new format and functionality as much as I do, that you'll let me know what you think, and that you'll inform me if we have any glitches we need to know about (I'm sure we will have them, and I appreciate your patience as we fix them), and that you'll tell your friends and co-workers about the new and improved MorningNewsBeat.