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by Kevin Coupe

One of the components of the Girl Scout motto is, "To help people at all times."

This apparently includes when they've got the post-pot munchies.

Fox News reports that "an industrious group of Girl Scouts sold hundreds of boxes of their signature cookies after setting up shop outside of a Chicago cannabis dispensary over the weekend."  The Girl Scouts sold 230 boxes during a four-hour shift outside the dispensary.

Recreational marijuana became legal in Illinois on January 1.

The cookie stand's presence outside outside Dispensary33 in the Andersonville neighborhood reportedly was arranged by the troop's leader, who found that many other locations already had been reserved by competing troops.  "We’re always looking for opportunities, places that have walking traffic," said Melissa Soukoup.  "I was looking for places that weren’t taken, and I thought of this.”

This week,  Fox News reports, "Dispensary33 revealed that the Girl Scouts already booked them up for sales during the rest of February."

I'm sure there will be some folks who question whether this is a good idea, and if the Girl Scouts are being taught the right lessons.  I'd prefer to think that they are being taught a valuable, Eye-Opening lesson about entrepreneurship - you don't wait for customers to find you, but rather have to go to them.

Next year - Girl Scout-branded hash brownies.