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From CNBC:

"Consumer packaged goods giant Unilever said Wednesday that it’s updating its principles for marketing food and beverages to children, including that it will no longer target ads to children under 12, amid widespread concerns about childhood obesity.

"The company, whose portfolio includes Ben & Jerry’s and Klondike, said the change will apply to all food and beverage products, and defines marketing communications as TV and radio ads, digital activity, social media and digital ads, apps, PR materials, online games and other communication like product placements."

The story goes on:

"Unilever also said it will not direct any social media at kids under 13. It will also restrict its influencer policy, not using influencers under the age of 12, nor influencers who primarily appeal to children under 12. (Major social networks like Facebook and Instagram don’t allow users under the age of 13.)

"Unilever said the changes in targeting take into consideration both the content of the advertising and its placement. The company said for television and other measurable media, it will not run ads where children age under 12 represent over 25% of the audience. For the content, it said creative execution marketing communications should not be designed to target kids under 12."

KC's View:

It is ironic that we have this story this morning even as there also is a story about how a vaping company was targeting children.