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Content Guy’s Note: Stories in this section are, in my estimation, important and relevant to business. However, they are relegated to this slot because some MNB readers have made clear that they prefer a politics-free MNB; I can't do that because sometimes the news calls out for coverage and commentary, but at least I can make it easy for folks to skip it if they so desire.

•  The Seattle Times reports that the Court of Federal Claims has ordered the US Department of Defense to stop working with Microsoft on what is called the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud-computing network, siding at least for the moment with Amazon, which charged that President Donald Trump meddled in the bid process and put his finger on the scale to make sure Amazon would not get the contract.

According to the story, Amazon "alleges the Defense Department made numerous errors as it weighed bids from Amazon and Microsoft," as well as charges that Trump influenced the decision because of personal animus against Jeff Bezos, who owns the Washington Post in a private investment.  (The Post has been aggressive in its coverage of the Trump administration.)  It is generally conceded that Amazon is the market-leader in the cloud computing business, but Microsoft is among several companies infesting in the segment and trying to make inroads on Amazon's business.

If Trump didn't like Bezos before, he may really hate him now:  As part of its lawsuit, Amazon wants to depose both Trump and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.