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The Los Angeles Times has a story about "Making The Cut," a new fashion series that will begin running on Amazon Prime next month, hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, who used to to "Project Runway" together.

"The partnership between Amazon and Klum illustrates how the Seattle global giant can intertwine its two most notable divisions — retail and entertainment — and potentially produce new lucrative revenue streams.

"When Amazon launched its foray into video streaming more than a decade ago and later released original shows starting in 2013, the goal was to have programs that would drive traffic and sales to its site. Until now, however, the company has not used an original, global series to directly promote its products. 'Making the Cut' would be the first, and it could pave the way for other tie-ins between the company’s expanding studio and its juggernaut e-commerce business."

The story goes on:  "Amazon Prime Video’s cachet not only rises if Klum’s and Gunn’s star power transfers over to their new show, but also if it’s seen as a place where people go to buy high-end fashion and not just stock up on diapers and paper towels.

"The strategy could also resolve a dilemma marketers face with the popularity of streaming services like Netflix, which do not have any commercials. Shows that integrate shopping and watching as part of a series’ story line could fix that problem."

KC's View:

I've never watched a fashion series in my life, but I may actually tune into this one, just to see how they put the pieces together.   If this works, one has to think that a cooking show would be a natural next step.

I love "The Chef Show" on Netflix, but it would be even more powerful on Amazon, where different foods and ingredients could be sold.  In fact, I think that this could even be a factor in how people decide whether to bring their projects to Netflix or Amazon; if there is a commerce component, they may prefer Amazon.  And, it could push streaming services like Netflix to create alliances with other retailers.