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The Washington Post reports that "Walmart is confirming that it’s developing a competitor to Amazon’s juggernaut Prime membership program."

While details have not yet been disclosed, the program has been named Walmart+.

The program reportedly will be tested beginning in a few weeks, and Walmart is saying that it anticipates being able to offer elements that Amazon cannot.

From the Post story:

"The initiative comes as Walmart is locked in an arms race with Amazon to bring packages faster and faster to customers’ homes. Amazon’s Prime $119 per-year membership program includes such perks as unlimited next-day shipping on more than 10 million items as well as free streaming of music, TV shows and movies.

"Walmart Inc. recently rolled out a program offering customers the option to pay a yearly $98 fee or a monthly $12.95 fee to receive unlimited same-day grocery deliveries from nearly 2,000 Walmart stores."

KC's View:

While Walmart may not be offering details, it probably will do things like offer specific discounts on products and maybe even gasoline and free and/or expedited deliveries.

I do wonder why Walmart is considering selling its Vudu video business if it is launching a Prime alternative.  I think Prime video is a key element of the Amazon offering, and having Vudu as part of its Walmart+ structure might make sense.

This is just Walmart's latest move to keep up with Amazon.  But I still think there is a critical difference between the two companies.  Walmart is first and always a retailer.  Amazon has its eye on a bigger, more audacious goal.