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The Wall Street Journal reports on how cauliflower "is one of the fastest-growing food products, as consumers substitute the versatile vegetable for meat and carbohydrates.  Rich in protein and fiber but low in calories, cauliflower is benefiting from the rise of keto and paleo diets that advise people to avoid grains and seek high-fat foods."

The story notes that "cauliflower’s mild flavor and adaptability have encouraged food makers to substitute it for starches and dairy in gnocchi, pizza crust, hummus and vegan Gruyère cheese. U.S. sales of raw cauliflower and foods containing the vegetable rose to $700 million last year, according to research firm Nielsen, up nearly 40% from 2016."

Some examples of how retailers big and small are exploiting cauliflower's popularity:

•  Albertsons, the story says, "has introduced 14 store-branded items featuring cauliflower over the past year, including rice, mashed cauliflower and a cheese bake."

•  "The cauliflower rice that Aldi Inc. started selling in 2017 is now the German discount grocer’s top-selling frozen item in the U.S., said Scott Patton, vice president of corporate buying at Aldi US. Aldi has since introduced 12 items featuring cauliflower, including tortilla chips, gnocchi and buffalo dip."

•  "Cauliflower-crust pizzas account for one-quarter of total pizza sales at Stew Leonard’s Inc., a chain concentrated in the Northeast, CEO Stew Leonard Jr. said. The grocer started selling it in 2018 and the item already has more share than plain cheese pizzas with a wheat crust, he said."

The Journal goes on:  "Aside from specific diets, consumers say they like prepared foods made with cauliflower because they are a convenient way of being more healthy. A serving of cauliflower rice contains 85% fewer calories than a serving of white rice, according to food makers, and a pizza crust made from wheat flour contains about 23 times more carbohydrates than pizza made with cauliflower."

KC's View:

I haven't had Stew's cauliflower pizzas, but I have become a big fan of their cauliflower tortillas - especially with some scrambled eggs, salsa, cheese … 

I have to stop now, I'm getting hungry.