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•  Bloomberg said yesterday that Walmart "is restricting all cross-border international travel" and canceling next week's Walmart U.S. Customer Conference conference in Dallas "due to the escalating coronavirus outbreak."

Walmart, the story says, said "it was limiting cross-border international travel in all markets it operates to just 'business-critical' trips and that such travel must get approval. For employees currently traveling, Walmart advised them to make plans to return.

"The company also curbed domestic travel to only 'essential operations,' and will restrict less essential travel for conferences and trade shows, it said. The new guidelines will extend through at least April, it said."

•  TechCrunch reports that "Walmart is looking to hook more consumers on its online grocery shopping experience by adding Walmart Grocery to its main Walmart mobile application. For years, the retailer has operated two separate apps: its flagship Walmart app (the blue one) and its separate Walmart Grocery app (the orange one). This meant shoppers had to download and switch between two separate apps depending on what they were buying … the change means a more seamless shopping experience, where they won’t have to think so much about which app to use, but can instead just shop from a single place for anything Walmart offers, including its 120,000+ grocery items, local store inventory for pickup and its online assortment of both first-party and third-party marketplace goods."

It ought to be emblazoned on the walls - and virtual walls - of every retailer - REDUCE FRICTION!