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The Kansas City Business Journal reports that Walmart 's InHome Delivery program - launched last year for tests in the Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Vero Beach, Fla., markets, and allowing employees to deliver orders into the home and even putting them away into refrigerators - so far is showing positive results.

"Kansas City is a great Walmart market and a place that customers really love online grocery, so we thought that it would be a good option for one of the three to be rolled out in," says Whitney Pegden, general manager of InHome. "We're hearing a lot of great things (about the new service) from our customers we're serving today."

According to the story, "The service has attracted customers who already were ordering groceries online at Walmart, but it also has persuaded customers who previously didn't order online to take the leap, she said. One surprising aspect is the number of customers who are home during the delivery, Pegden said. Walmart envisioned that customers would never be home. Instead, they're using the service to maximize their time, whether it's working from an in-home office or spending time with their children."

InHome costs $19.95 a month and requires a $30 minimum per order.

KC's View:

I don't mean to be stubborn on this one, but I just don't get it … perhaps because I don't even like it when Mrs. Content Guy rearranges the refrigerator.

But I'll concede I could be wrong on this one.  Maybe it is the natural next step in the delivery process.  But the insurance premiums covering all these delivery folks must be murder.

BTW … what's the guarantee that the folks delivering in-home don't have the COVID-19 coronavirus?

Just curious.