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•  The Wall Street Journal reports that Starbucks "is testing a more environmentally friendly coffee cup. It hopes customers won’t notice.

"The coffee giant on Monday started using a prototype of a more sustainable paper cup in some of its cafes in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver and London. The cup features a liner made out of biodegradable materials rather than the thin plastic liner that most paper cups use to keep liquids from seeping through. That liner has made those cups difficult to recycle because it is difficult to separate the plastic and the paper components.

"Starbucks executives said they would ask baristas and customers whether the new cup keeps drinks hot and avoids leaks. They hope customers won’t notice any difference from the current cups."

•  Reuters reports that "food distribution company US Foods Holding Corp said on Friday it would buy Smart Foodservice Warehouse Stores from private equity firm Apollo Global Management for $970 million, in a move to expand its base of restaurant customers.

"Smart Foodservice operates 70 cash-and-carry stores in the United States, which cater to small and mid-sized restaurants. The company had revenue of about $1.1 billion in 2019."