business news in context, analysis with attitude

by Kevin Coupe

While it is a seller's market right now when it comes to jobs in the retail business, the simple fact is that this won't always be the case.  Recession will hit, and companies will look to thin their ranks and expenses.  Business acquisition and consolidation will reduce the number of jobs out there.

It is inevitable.  Maybe sooner.  Maybe later.  But inevitable.

And so, as a public service, MNB is happy to point you to an alternative…

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is hiring astronauts, and you could be one of the lucky ones.

According to the USAJobs site, NASA is looking for people with a science and/or technology background and/or degrees who are willing to "spend approximately two years training on the basic skills required to be an astronaut - from spacewalking and robotics to leadership and teamwork skills. Upon completing training, they will join the active astronaut corps and become eligible for spaceflight assignment."

You can make between $104,898 and $161,141 per year … no security clearance is required … but you must take a drug test.

There's a terrific little recruitment video, which you can see below.

One note, though.  Extensive travel is required … and you probably can't get frequent flyer miles.

As I said.  Just trying to provide a public service.  (And maybe provide a lighter note on which to begin a week in which a lot of the news may be grim.)