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•  It has been a tough few weeks for Italy, which has been hammered by the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic and, as reported above, has basically shut down as authorities try to mitigate its spread there.

But … there was one bright spot, in the village of Settecani (located around eight miles south of Modena in Northern Italy).

In Settecani, there is a winery called Cantina Settecani that is connected to the public water supply.  Apparently someone turned the wrong valve the wrong way … and for a time, residents had Lambrusco coming out of their taps.

It took about an hour for the winery folks to notice it and turn off the supply;  during that time, it appears that some 264 gallons of premium Lambrusco was lost - some of it bottled by quick-thinking residents for later consumption.

Talk about a happy hour.  Frankly, the folks in northern Italy deserve it.