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So I want to tell you a story…

My two kids who live in Connecticut will, every once in a while, decide they want to "mask."

This means that they apply products made of various ingredients to their faces, and depending on what they use, they are supposed to tighten the skin, or hydrate the skin, or eliminate wrinkles, or just make them feel refreshed.  They love doing it, and often have asked me to join them.

I always said "no." It just seemed silly to me and I had other things to do that always seemed more important.

Then, the other day, I saw this commercial on television:

Now, I like this commercial for a lot of reasons.  It is a lovely piece of work that tells a good story in about a minute, and makes the sales pitch for the advertiser without being heavy-handed about it.

But the scene I really noticed was where the grandfather, after first grumbling about his granddaughter masking, joins her.  

Like any good story, it made me think.

And so, a couple of nights ago, when my kids asked me to mask with them, I realized - because even at my age, I like to think I am capable of personal growth - that I didn't have anything better to do than spend some time with my kids, doing something that they didn't think was silly at all.

And so…

I have no idea if my skin is any tighter, or my wrinkles less prominent.  But I feel like maybe my spirt is refreshed a bit.

It was very good news this week … especially because I'm spending a lot of time indoors … that season six of "Bosch" will be out on Amazon Prime on April 17.

I've said it here before:  "Bosch" is the gold standard for how to adapt a book or book series for television.  Michael Connelly's novels are among my favorites, and I was thinking about a scene from one of them the other day, and I couldn't for the life of me remember whether it was from one of the books or one of the TV seasons.

Doesn't matter.  All good.

Here's the season six preview:

One subject that has come from time to time here on MNB has been cars with manual transmissions - I am a devotee, and cannot remember the last automatic transmission car that I've owned.  (Not counting family cars, of course … though we even had a Toyota Camry station wagon for a few years that had a manual.)

Well, just as a matter of interest to those of you who share my enthusiasm, my brother sent me a link the other day to a Car & Driver article that listed out all the cars available on the market with manual transmissions … and I share it with you here.  (You may be as surprised as I am by how many there are.)

No wine to recommend this week … but I would love to wax rhapsodic for a moment about Pearse Irish Whiskey, which was about a smooth an Irish whiskey as it has ever been my pleasure to drink.  It was utterly delicious … and was the best possible discovery this St. Patrick's Day.

That's it for this week.  Have a great weekend - stay safe and healthy - and I'll see you Monday.

Stay safe.  Be healthy.