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Is it possible to apply the lessons of the gig economy, and specifically those taught us by the likes of Uber and Lyft, to the staffing needs of retailers large and small in a wide variety of categories?

Dave Dempsey of Hyer believes so.  His company has created a platform designed to "provide organizations and individuals a unified, easy way to search for, book and manage independent work."  In other words - being able to identify and hire people when you want them and where you want them to do the jobs you need them to do, and allowing individuals to find jobs that suit their work-life needs and desires.

Fascinating … and the subject of a Skype interview that MNB Content Guy Kevin Coupe conducted with Dave Dempsey just last week … a time when supermarkets were looking for hundreds of thousands of people to fill employment gaps created by the pandemic and panic shopping.  

It is, to say the least, timely.

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