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Nonprofit newsroom ProPublic has a long and fascinating story about how Walmart barely - and only through sustained lobbying efforts - managed to avoid being indicted by the US Department of Justice for its opioid dispensing practices, which put the opioids into the hands of doctors who were running what are called "pill mills."

While some company pharmacists were raising alarms about how prescriptions were being filled, the story says, "in response to these alarms, Walmart compliance officials did not take corporate-wide action to halt the flow of opioids. Instead, they repeatedly admonished pharmacists that they could not cut off any doctor entirely. They could only evaluate each prescription on an individual basis. And they went further. An opioid compliance manager told an executive in an email, gathered during the inquiry and viewed by ProPublica, that Walmart’s focus should be on 'driving sales'."

You can read the story here.