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•  From MarketWatch:

"Millennials may not like 'labels' in general, but they’re as hooked on Amazon as boomers and Gen X.  That’s according to the latest Brand Intimacy Survey by marketing and branding agency MBLM, which measures how emotionally connected Americans are to the brands they buy. Their scale is based on factors such as the positive feelings a user has for a company or label, and how much their values align, as well as the depth and intensity of the emotional connection in the brand relationship."

According to the story, "Amazon was one of the few companies to be beloved across every age group, appearing in the top five for Gen Z/millennials, Gen X and baby boomers alike — and with boomers naming it their No. 1 brand overall. [In fact, a recent Morning Consult survey also found that more Americans trust Amazon and Google than they trust the police or the U.S. government.] Apple also made each age group’s top 10, and was in the top three for boomers and Gen X."

One interesting - and to brands, potentially concerning - note from the survey:  "Boomers — who control almost 70% of disposable income in the U.S. — stood out for being the only ones really showing a taste for consumer packaged brands."

While Boomers may have more disposable income than anyone else, they won't always, because they - we - are not going to be around forever.